Siobhan Boyle

Acrobatic Arts

Jocelynn pic_edited_edited.jpg
Jocelyn Kimmet

Adult Barre Fitness

Bryn Littlewood

Jazz, Ballet, Mini Movers Program and

Certification in Acrobatic Arts

Rayna Ellergodt

Jazz, Ballet, Hip hop, Mini Movers Program and Certified in Pre-School AcroDance

Delaney Wiebe

Isabel Kelly

Jazz and Musical Theatre

Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre

Jodi Aasen


Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary,Certified in RAD Ballet, Acrobatic Arts, and RWID

Heather Schreyer

Administration Manager

Instructor in Hip Hop, Jazz, Strength and Conditioning 

Breanne Reynolds

Jazz, Adult Barre Fitness,Strength and Conditioning, Certified in RAD Ballet and Acrobatic Arts