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Limited Offer for Trial Classes!!

Not sure what to take or sign up for??? For $30.00 your dancer can come and try out 2 of our dance styles that he/she is interested in. These classes can be the same dance style 2 weeks in a row or you can try 2 different styles. 

*As an added bonus - Once your dancer has decided which program suits him/her your payment of $30.00 will be applied to your registration and/or tuition fees. 

This is a great way to see if a chosen discipline is right for your dancer. This process also helps us check your dancer's level and place them accordingly. It's also a great way to try a different discipline that your dancer has not tried before. 

Space is limited so please ensure you fill out all the information below and hit submit. Be sure to let us know the disciplines you are interested in trying out.

Age and experience are very important when placing your dancer into a trial class. If this will be your dancers first dance class ever, please be sure to let us know.

Be sure to include all this information before submitting.

*Trial classes will be offered from September - February of each dance term and will commence on the Monday following the Labour Day holiday, provided there is room in your selected program(s).

Email Us Today For Your 2 Day Trial!!
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Thanks for submitting!

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