Full Year Programs (ages 7 - adult)

Here at Eurhythmics we offer a variety of different dance styles and disciplines. We also believe that every dancer should have the opportunity to dance at any level of commitment they wish. Although some of our classes are listed as pre-competitive and competitive, you decide if you want to partake in festivals with the groups. If you chose to be part of the pre-competitive and/or competitive team, you must abide by the contract and all guidelines set forth to participate in festivals. If you choose not to be pre-competitive and/or competitive, your dancer is still welcome into any program that they choose. Your dancer will still be part of the group, attend all the same classes, rehearsals and photo day but will only be committed to the year end recital. Just let us know when submitting your registration of your choice of non-competitive, pre-competitive and/or competitive. 

*Please note that placement in classes/levels is the sole discretion of the instructor(s).

Ballet Programs –

Ballet is the fundamental discipline of all dance types and is recommended to accompany any other choice of discipline. Our Ballet technique classes emphasize the Royal Academy of Dance’s method of ballet training. Toning and conditioning are incorporated in each lesson. Students are educated throughout their lessons as to muscle strength, grace, musicality, expression, posture and the beauty of the art of dance. Free movement, character work and modern are also introduced throughout each term in your ballet lessons. Pointe work is available to students at higher levels and is at the sole discretion of the instructor. Examinations held by the R.A.D are offered at the instructor's discretion only.


Tap Programs – 

Basic tap technique is taught at all levels. Students will learn rhythms and musicality associated with tap techniques giving them the ability to make music with their feet. Students develop rhythmic footwork, creative combinations and challenging beats at each level.


Jazz Programs – 

Jazz is a physical and energetic dance form. It emphasizes body lines, flexibility, and musicality. This program is designed to promote and increase flexibility and strength in each individual dancer. Progressions, turns, and jumps are also incorporated throughout the dance term. Our programs expose all dancers to many different styles and techniques.

Hip Hop Programs – 

Hip hop, or street dance, is a class that incorporates rhythm, coordination, and dance with the excitement of street moves or moves and combinations you see in pop and other music videos. Students will learn technical elements through small combinations throughout each lesson. To increase your coordination and ability to pick up certain hip hop styles, a jazz class is often recommended.


Musical Theatre Programs – 

A very popular choice amongst dancers. This program incorporates jazz techniques with the excitement of singing, acting, and dancing. Other disciplines may be introduced into the choreography based on the level of the dancers. This is a great program for beginner dancers. For junior levels 3 and up, an additional jazz class is a prerequisite.


Lyrical and Contemporary Programs – 

These programs are expressive forms of dance combining disciplines such as ballet, jazz and modern techniques. These programs are offered to the more experienced dancer and often included in ballet classes or available for sign up for our competitive students.


Acrobatic Arts – 

We are excited to announce that we are certified in teaching acrobatic arts. This class will be combined with jazz techniques and compliment the dancer to help promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength and balance. For more information regarding acrobatic arts, please visit www.acrobaticarts.ca.

We offer acro programs from ages 4-18.

Strength and Conditioning Programs -

This program focuses on improving the dancers range of motion by working on specific stretching techniques. The dancers also focus on cardiovascular and core strengthening. The goal of a dancer enrolled in this program is to develop stamina, increase flexibility, and strength for jumping and turning etc. We offer this program to dancers ages 8 and up. This program is mandatory for the full time student but may be substituted with an acro class.

Adult Programs


Adult Barre Fitness – 

Barre fitness classes are the latest in fitness! Barre fitness uses exercise based on classical dance strength training and Pilates. This workout will increase your balance, stability and muscular endurance, all while promoting good posture, grace, long lean muscles, and it reduces stress! A barre is used to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. Come and plie your way to a sculpted and balanced new you!!! We offer the option of signing up for the year or purchasing a punch pass. You may register for the full year below (recital fee will be removed manually) or you may come into our office during office hours and purchase your punch pass!!




Adult Sessional Classes

Check out our adult sessional classes under the programs tab for more information on 8 and 10 week programs.

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